Learn more about Lookups

A lookup field is a reference to a related field in another collection. Choose a relationship on the same collection, then select the field on the related collection whose value you want to access. This allows you to link information across collections without duplicating data.

For instance, consider if you wanted to access the address of a client/company associated with each project. You would add a lookup field to the Project collection, referencing the Company collection. The field to reference would be Address, allowing you to easily access the address information of the company associated with each project.

Creating a lookup field

  • Go to the collection you would like to add the lookup field to. In the above example this is the Project collection.

  • Open the table settings sidebar

  • Add a new field and choose Lookup as the type.

  • Choose from one of the relationship fields associated with your collection

  • Choose the field you would like to access on the other collection

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