Row Link

Control what happens when you click on a record in a collection view

When you add a Collection component either as part of a Collection View or a Component on a Blank Page or Record Page you can control what happens when you click on one of the records in that component.

This behaviour is controlled via the Row Link configuration.

By default, clicking on a record in the collection component will open the first Record Page visible to the current user, of that record type.

For example: If you click on a Project record, and there are multiple project views, by default you will be brought to the first view that is visible to you.

To revert back to this behaviour, change the Row Link value to Default

Do nothing when the record is clicked

Sometimes it is important that the user stays on the page they're on when clicking on a record. To achieve this, change the Row Link value to None

Open a specific page when the record is clicked

If you have multiple views but would like to make sure that only one Record Page is used, you can specify a specific Collection View as the Row Link value. Note that if this page isn't visible to the user, it will revert to the behaviour described in None where nothing will happen the record is clicked.

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