The Billing component lets you create invoices and subscriptions for your clients while allowing your clients to pay open invoices and see historical invoices all within the portal.
In order to use the Billing module, you must first connect your Stripe account or connect your QuickBooks account. You can easily create a new Stripe account at the time of connection if you don't have an existing account
The Billing component will look and behave differently depending on whether you are an Internal user or a client. Most importantly, internal users have the ability to create, modify and send invoices and subscription invoices. They will also see all of your companies invoices. Whereas, clients will only have the ability to view and pay their invoices.


Internal users can create invoices by clicking on the New Invoice button. This opens the invoice editor where you can
  • Select a client (a company)
  • Add as many line items as you need, each with a price and a quantity
  • Specify the number of days until it is due
  • Add a memo
When an invoice is created it is in the Draft state. This means it can be still updated, and your client has not been notified.
To move the invoice to the Open state, click the Action menu on the invoice and click Send. This finalizes the invoice which means it can no longer be edited. If you are using Stripe your invoice will be sent via email within an hour. However, it will be visible in your customer's portal immediately, in the Open state.
When a client pays an invoice it will move into the Paid state.
Depending on your rules with your payment provider you can automatically move your invoice to Void if payment is not made after a certain time. You can also manually void an invoice.

Subscriptions (Stripe only)

If you have connected your Stripe account you can also set up recurring invoices (or subscriptions). You can do this by clicking the New Subscription button. Subscriptions behave almost identically to invoices except you can additionally choose whether it recurs weekly, monthly or annually/yearly.
Importantly, when a Subscription invoice is created it is no longer editable, and the first invoice will be sent automatically 1 hour after subscription creation. As always, the invoice will be immediately visible in the client's portal.


Invoices are automatically branded according to your Stripe/Quickbooks settings. For more details visit their corresponding support articles (Stripe / QuickBooks)

Internal User View:

Invoice and Subscription list

Client View:

Client invoice and subscription list
Pay through Stripe's branded invoice checkout
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