Quick Start
Get started with your portal in 10 simple steps
After we create your portal there are just a few things left to do before you're ready to invite your customers. This page summarizes the most important tasks to customizing your portal to your liking and getting the most of it. There are only 10 simple steps and it should only take 10 - 30 minutes.
1. Edit your portal's branding Go to your portal's settings page from the right sidebar and make sure you do the following;
    Update your portal's title (e.g. My Company Name)
    Add a sidebar logo
    Add the logo you want to appear on the login page and in client emails
    Add a favicon (the small icon that will appear in the browser tab)
2. Customize the look and feel of your portal Choose your portal's colors if you want to move away from the defaults
3. Configure your email settings So that your emails look like they are coming from you you'll need to configure some settings
    Update the 'Email from name'. This is usually your company name.
    Customize your invitation emails to both your clients and your team so they have a custom invitation when you invite them to your portal.
4. Add some Collaborators If there is anyone else you need to help you to build and customize your portal, invite them from the collaborators tab.
5. Enable Sign in With Google To truly improve your client's login experience, enable Sign in With Google so they don't have to remember another password. If you need any help setting this up, just ask the Noloco team.
6. Connect your custom domain Connecting a custom domain like portal.yourcompany.com makes it much easier for your clients to find your portal. Don't forget to add a link to your portal from your main website. 7. Connect a payments provider Connect one of our payment providers (Stripe or Quickbooks) to invoice your customers through your portal and let them pay their invoices in the portal 8. Setup your companies in your portal Start creating your companies in your portal (or import them via CSV). If you need to import them from somewhere else just let us know and we can help you with the migration process.
9. Invite your clients Simply create a new client and associate them with the right company and they will get an email inviting them to sign up to your new portal. It's best to test this flow yourself, and also communicate this invitation to your customers in advance so they know why they're receiving the invitation. 10. Last but not least, introduce your customers in the chat Send your customers a welcome message from the messaging tab so they know you're expecting them
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