Internal vs External Users

ℹ️ External Users (a.k.a Clients)

👥 User Types & User Roles

In Noloco, out of the box we automatically cater for two types of Users.
  • Internal Users and External Users
We create x2 User roles for you to allow you to differentiate them clearly within your App.
  • Team Admin = Internal User
  • User = External User
Example Noloco User with Tean Admin Role
The Noloco app creator is automatically assigned the Team Admin role
Learn more about User Access in this guide

What is an Internal User

The Team Member flag setting on a User Role determines whether they are deemed an Internal User or an External User.
If Team Member = true they are considered an internal user, If Team Member = false they are considered an external user (i.e Client)
An internal user is someone who is part of your organisation, i.e your teammates. This means they have more permissions in some of our core components. For example, in the;
  • Messaging component, they can choose to message any one of your customers/companies.
  • Billing module, they have the ability to create/manage invoices & subscriptions
  • File Sharing module, they can access all of your Companies files and folders
In addition to the above, marking your Internal users correctly means you can make use of the User Type visibility settings. You can access these settings across every UI element in your Portal to decide which areas of your app that you want to show/hide. For example;
  • Collections (accessed via sidebar menu)
  • Record Pages
    • Individual Elements on record pages (e.g Details, Highlights, Collections, Stages etc.)
    • Tabs on record pages
  • Forms
  • and much, much more. i.e anywhere with 'Visibility👁‍🗨' settings in view configuration
By enabling you to decide what pages or elements of the page should be displayed to each User Type you are empowered to create a clean, frictionless user experiences for everyone accessing your Noloco app 🎉.
Choose to display to ALL User types or only to internal users // or only client users

What is an External User

(a.k.a Clients)
An external user represents one of your customers, partners or any external user you wish to provision access to your app. External users don't have the ability to interact with other external users (except with those linked via the same Company). Also, they will only possess external views of the Messaging, Billing and File Sharing modules.
  • This means they will only have the ability to message & share files on their Company's channel (which Internal Users have access to and can interact on)
  • And, It prevents External users from viewing other users confidential information within each of these modules
On all Noloco plans, you can have an unlimited number of client users accessing your portal 🎉 ∞
In line with the Internal User type, once you have added your External Users to your app and marked them appropriately you can take advantage of the custom visibility settings on User Type everywhere across your app and choose what only your External 'Client' users should see.
On a TEAM plan or above; you can create additional custom roles beyond the out of the box Team Admin & User roles. To learn more about this check out our user guide here.

ℹ️ Note on the 'is Internal' flag

In addition to User Type & User Role, there is currently the presence of an 'is Internal' boolean (yes/no) flag on each User record. This flag exists from an earlier version of our product. We plan to remove this flag in the near future.
However please note that the 'Is Internal' flag may also be used to give the Noloco User internal views of your modules.Therefore, anyone with 'is Internal = yes' will also treated as an Internal User giving them access to Internal views within your App.
Learn more about User Access in this guide