Onboarding Checklist
Check out the pre-defined list of tasks that your customers ultimately need to complete
The Onboarding Checklist component makes it easy to pre-define a list of tasks that your customers ultimately need to complete to make the best of their experience working with you. These tasks might include; sending you their brand assets, scheduling an intro call, or anything else. Tasks can be user-specific, where every user must complete it, or company-wide, where only one person per company needs to complete the task.
An Internal user can create, modify and delete onboarding tasks. Clients can view, interact with and mark individual tasks as completed.

Creating tasks

From the Onboarding Checklist component click the New Task button to add a new task or modify the title and description of a placeholder task. Each task can be customized in the following way:
  • Title The main text of the task, keep this short and actionable
  • Description This sub-text is entirely optional, but it's useful for adding more context to a task or outlining subtasks.
  • Task link Each task can optionally link your user to a different webpage. This is useful to deep-link them into the context of the task. You can modify the task's link by hovering over the task and clicking the link icon in the top right.
  • Company or User To specify whether this task should be completed once per company, or by each individual user click the corresponding icon and choose the option you want from the dropdown

Variables in tasks

You can use the {{variable}} notation in any field of your task to customize the task according to the logged-in user. This is particularly useful for the task's links, where you might need to link them to a page specific to them. You can use any of your user's fields, or any of their related fields. Some common examples include:
  • {{firstName}}
  • {{lastName}}
  • {{email}}
  • {{company.name}}
  • {{company.website}}

Checking off Tasks

When a client is viewing the app they can check-off individual tasks to mark them as completed. Their progress will automatically be up