The messaging component makes it really easy for you and your team to keep on top of your client's communication, and even easier for your clients to reply to you.
An Internal user will see the list of each company on the left, where each company has its own conversation. Client users can only see their conversation between your team and them.


When a new message is sent to a conversation, everyone in that company and all internal users (your team) will be notified via email, except the sender. The email's sent to the internal users will include the company name of the sender to make it easier to understand the context of the email, whereas the email sent to clients make it look like a notification from your service. If customers have the portal open on the messaging tab they will receive a browser notification (if enabled)

Replying via email

We know that you and your customers won't always want to open the portal to reply, instead, you can reply directly to the notification email and the contents of the email (including attachments)* will be sent as a normal message, and everyone else will be notified as normal. This allows you to escape your inbox even if your customers don't want to.
*Note: the maximum size of the email, including attachments must not exceed 25Mbs, but this is fairly standard across most email providers
Internal view of all conversations and messages
Client view of messages
Email notification for Internal user
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