The forms component makes it really easy for you and your team to assign forms such as intake forms, survey forms or general data collection forms to your users. Our forms are like a simple version of Google Forms or Typeform, except the benefit is that your clients can see any pending form submissions in their portal as well as view previous form submissions.
An Internal user can create, modify and assign forms as well as view form submissions from all users, while clients can only see forms that have been assigned to them and submit that form. Once submitted the form can only be viewed by the client.

Creating a new Form

To create a new form press the New button on the forms component. Fundamentally forms consist of two things:
  • A name
  • A list of questions
You can change the form's name by clicking and typing on the form's name. You can add additional questions by choosing a question type There are 5 different types of questions:
  • Short text Questions that expect one-line answers. This might be for things like email addresses, phone numbers etc.
  • Long text Questions that expect long-form answers. This might be useful when asking clients to describe something, or for an address
  • Single choice Questions that allow you to choose one of a few options. You can add as many options as you like, but the client can only choose one
  • Multiple choice Similar to Single choice except clients can choose as many options as they like
  • File upload Questions that allow you to request a file, such as asking for a licence or brief or an asset. For now, only one file can be attached per answer.
Each question can be customized in the following ways:
  • Name It's best to keep this short and phrase it as a question
  • Description This is optional and will be hidden if left empty. Useful for providing more context to your question.
  • Required This checkbox decides whether the client will be required to enter a value for this field before submitting the form.
Don't forget to Save your form after you are finished making changes to it

Assigning a form to a client

From the form list, or the list of submissions you can Send your form to any number of your clients. At which point they will receive an email notifying them that they have a form that needs completing.


When a client is sent a form (as described above) they will receive an email directing them to complete and submit the form in the portal
When the client completes the form the creator of the form will receive an email notifying them.
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