Internal users can request an eSignature (or electronic signature) on any PDF file uploaded through the file-sharing component.
This allows you to apply your own signature (or another field) to a document, and then send that document to one or more of your clients for them to review and sign.

How to request an eSignature

  • Click the actions button on any PDF file
  • Select the eSignature button
  • This will open up the PDF in your browser
  • Choose from any of the signature inputs (more on this below)
  • Click to place the signature input on the page
  • You can then click and drag the input box to reposition it if necessary
  • In the sidebar on the right, choose who should action this field. It will show your name, and all of the other people in the company you've shared the file with.
  • Once you've added all of your inputs click Next to review your signature and send.

How does a client review an eSignature request?

  • When you request a signature from a client they will receive an email with a link that brings them into the portal to review the document.
  • Before viewing the document they will be asked to agree to sign the document electronically and review their signatures
  • On agreeing they will see the document, any existing signatures and the signatures they need to action.
  • Once they click on a signature field it will be "signed" and their signature will appear.
  • When they are finished they can click send to finalize their part of the signature process.

How do I access the signed document?

When all recipients/signees have reviewed, signed and completed the signing process, an email with the final document will be sent to you and each recipient. It will also be available in the portal in the shared-files section.

Signature inputs

There are different types of signature inputs you can add to your eSignature requests. Not all of which require action on the clients part.
  • Signature This adds the user's eSignature to the document. When reviewing the file they must click the field to add their signature.
  • Initials This adds the user's initials (in handwriting style) to the document. When reviewing the file they must click the field to add their signature.
  • Full name This adds the user's full name to the document. No action is required from the user before this appears on the document
  • Date This adds the date the user completed the signing process to the document. It will appear on the document as the current date when the document is being reviewed. No action is required from the user.
You can add as many signature inputs as you need to any page of a document by selecting them from the top toolbar and clicking to position them on a given page. To change the recipient/user that a field must be actioned by, simply click the field and select the recipient in the right toolbar.
Each recipient will receive a unique color for their inputs to easily differenciate them.