File Sharing
The File sharing component makes it really easy for you to share files and folders between you and your clients.
An Internal user will see the list of each company on the left, where each company has its own set of shared files and folders. Client users can only see the files and folders shared with them.
At its core file-sharing allows you to:
  • Upload files to share between you and your clients
  • Create folders to organise those files
  • View uploaded files
  • Download uploaded files
  • Internal users can rename files and folders

Google Drive

We also provide a Google Drive integration which allows you to connect your Google Drive account and then for each company, optionally specify a base Google Drive folder. That means that when you or your client views their shared files, the files in the Google Drive folder will also be presented inline. From there they can navigate to other native folders or other nested Google Drive folders. Your customers will still need Google Drive access to those files in order to view and download them.


Internal users can request eSignatures on any PDF file's uploaded to the file-sharing component (Google Drive files are not currently supported).
Read more about requesting eSignatures here

Internal User View:

Shared files list with companies on the left, showing Google Drive files
Uploading a new native file to a Sub Folder

Client User View:

Clients can only see files shared with them, including Google Drive files
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